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Family Law, Matrimonial and Custody Cases

Family Law, Matrimonial and Custody Cases

You've seen the signs.. a sudden shift in the amount of time they spend at work. Increased internet usage; a need for personal space; hours and phone calls that can't be accounted for; increased irritability at home ...& so many other indicators which gave you cause to wonder... "Are they seeing someone else?"

Let our investigators find the answers you need so that you can make a sound decision on whether to mend your relationship, or move on.

We understand the pain, anger, and frustration that can often accompany the discovery of infidelity and it is our goal to help you through this difficult time with sensitivity and compassion.


In preparation for divorce proceedings, investigators can assist in investing in infidelity, false paternity, custodial interference, and the diverting or obfuscating of marital funds and property. Investigators can assist in verifying spending habits and the "life of the parties" via interviews, surveillance, and forensic accounting. Employment verification and asset searches can assist in preparing for alimony and child support hearings. 

A Licensed Private Investigator is the right first step!


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